Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Beautiful Hawaii :)

Beautiful Hawaii
Kristen and I with her grandpa. He taught us a lot about WWII...and made fun of us.
So beautiful

The Ko'Olina Resort
Pearl Harbor
The Bowfin
Kristen and I went to Pearl Harbor with her grandparents. She had been there before, but she was always so accommodating and really showed me the ropes. We had such a great time.
A real live anchor
A really large ship
The sunk USS Arizona
Kristen and I on the Arizona

The Arizona underwater. I can't believe it is just here. It was so visible. Amazing. Wow.
The USS Arizona
The Clark family and I at the Punchbowl on Sunday afternoon.
Kristen and I and the Greek liberty woman? Kristen knows all the specifics about this thing...
American Flag and POW/MIA flag at the Punchbowl
Kristen and I
Hawaii Sunset
The Iosepha
Aboard the Iosepha
On the safety net
Mrs. Bonnie, Kristen, and David
When the Iosepha was first launched, President Henry B. Iring and Elder M. Russell Ballard engraved their names in the hull of the canoe. We were really lucky to have been taken on the BYU Hawaii voyager canoe. It is only launched once a year and they gave us a tour and shared experiences on their last day before it was taken out of the water.
The Voyager Canoe
They also took us to the PCC :) I just loved it.
The happy Samoan guy cimbed the tree. It was like on Donkey Kong
With the HILARIOUS Samoan guy. He was seriously my favorite part of the whole Polynesian Cultural Center.
Kristen and I. Thank you to our photographer Dave who we dragged around everywhere to entertain us.

The timeshare area in Ko'Olina
Kristen just absolutely loves this place so we took an adventure to Halieva (that is so spelled wrong). We did so much in one afternoon while her dad and grandpa went golfing at Turtle Grove.
Hawaii Art
And shave ice :) So delish.

We went on a walk on the beach.
We found this HUGE sea turtle. HUGE. I felt like Steve Irwin. I'm pretty sure I took more pictures of this turtle then on the whole trip.
Then we went to Waimea Falls. It's a bird refuge, which is why some of the following animals were spotted.
This little guy followed us. We think he has arthritis.
When I chased him, he was so funny...
Here is the Fall. It was so beautiful.
Kristen and I at the Fall

I am so blessed to have been able to go to Hawaii. The Clark's were just so generous and accepting. Some of my most fun moments include sitting around the table playing Pinochle late at night. I am so grateful for the memories we created. Thank you to the Clark's and my parents for making this trip possible. Love you all!


Christina Marie said...

Amber, I LOVE your pictures! I want to go to Hawaii so badly now! It looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

Justin and Coralie said...

Beautiful pictures! And because I love you - check the spelling of President Eyring :)

I miss you! I can't believe your pictures. It's beautiful.

Mindy said...

I heart Hawaii! It looks like you had an amazing time!!

Kristen Nicole said...

We had a good time didn't we? Thank you from everyone for the flowers. That was so sweet and thoughtful. Hope efy is going well. Loves

Maren said...

I'm glad you had fun. Love the beach pictures. Don't love you not being in Provo though...when you are coming back again?

Erin said...

I love Matsumoto's (sp?)! Why can't we have one in Utah!?

Linze Kate said...

I just bought tickets for my FIRST ever trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving and I am STOKED!!! Haha... You'll have to tell me the MUST do things...

Love you - miss you!